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On this page you can see the Gran Canaria airport map and a useful Gran Canaria airport guide with basic information, at the foot of the page you will find a group of links with detailed maps of all cities with airports in Spain, you could see the map of the airport of your destination city with diverse views, satellite and street view and take a virtual tour around.

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Gran Canaria Airport information

There is guidance available at the Gran Canaria airport to provide you the latest and newest info. Here you can choose to have car hire Gran Canaria, transfers and bus, taxi, train and other preferable personal transport choices. The info comes along with general direction, charges, and fares for each transport from and to the Gran Canaria airport.

Cars hire Gran Canaria Airport

You can simplify the trip with the tenancy service, but among those services how would you get the one suits the holiday? You can access the information to total 23 car hire companies that operate at the airport and 10 of the companies based with the terminal building progress. Cheap car hire Gran Canaria is one sample that you can personally choose since it has a full yet complete service of hiring a car.

When you bring small children in the trip, the car hire Gran Canaria service is something that you can take as consideration just to make the journey a lot more effectively and fun at the same time.

Private Transfer from Gran Canaria Airport

There is always another other choice when you think that those options of Gran Canaria transport are rather complicated than simplify the trip. Gran Canaria Airport transfer service is one that you can have to deliver both you and your vacation member right to the front door of your accommodation spot.

In the summer, if you start the trip over this season, the queue line for public transport can be very long and mostly up to an hour of waiting. Don't you think going straight for some fun is rather interesting that having a tiring queue line?

Flight to Gran Canaria from United Kingdom or Ireland

Before going for the trip, you may want to check the timetables detail for major airlines or some links to Gran Canaria. The detail information is including list and guides of all flights heading to Gran Canaria Airport.

Here there is also several main information of the airport in UK that goes straight to Gran Canaria as well as the flight from Gran Canaria Airport itself, so you may check out where in Spain you wish to visit and fly from.

Gran Canaria Airport arrivals

There are two options in Gran Canaria arrival, those who want to collect some friends from the airport and those who arrive at the place. To collect friends, there are some arrival pages to check any delay or running late flights.

And for those who just arrive at the Gran Canaria airport, you will be directed to Terminal. Make sure that you follow every guide, sign, and finally go down through the escalator to the baggage and luggage reclaim. This terminal also leads you to the exit way where buses and taxis rank waiting for you.

Gran Canaria Airport Departures

If you are about to drop your friends at the Gran Canaria airport for departure, whether you drive yourself or using the public transports, you can always check the departure pages to check the flights schedule first.

The Spanish Airport instructs that both arriving and departing flights to UK need to be started from Terminal, but this is not proven as a big case. If you have the baggage with you, you should see and check the Terminal departure hall and after that you will be directed to a long corridor connected to control and security.

Gran Canaria Airport Transportation

There are numerous options for your onward journey in Spain related to transportation and reaching destination points. You can always choose one option available in Gran Canaria Airport.

As for suggestion, you may want to use the car hire Gran Canaria and Gran Canaria transfer service from local tenancy company; and the car hire Gran Canaria Airport as well as Gran Canaria Airport transfer service would make the perfect option to complete this. Once you arrive, you need no long queue line of people waiting for buses or taxis and instead you can start the trip right away.

Choose Your Bus at Gran Canaria Airport

Using the Gran Canaria Airport bus information, you can find and plan the trip by choosing the right bus. Gran Canaria Airport Bus, is a second option.

But, take to your consideration; in some tourist seasons the public transportation is usually full of people waiting for their transport. Choosing a car hire service or transfer will always be a good option to deliver you straight to your hotel or other destination point. The Gran Canaria Airport transfer and car hire Gran Canaria Airport will take you faster rather than waiting for an hour of a long queue.

Note that if your trip happens to be in summer season, you may need other options such as the car hire Gran Canaria Airport and Gran Canaria Airport transfer service, since in this tourist season usually there are long queue lines full of people trying to get the city transport. It is always better to save your time and energy for later usage, more than spending it over queuing activity.

Choose Your Taxi at Gran Canaria Airport

Once you arrive at Gran Canaria Airport, you can choose taxi outside Terminal airport. In Gran Canaria, taxis are not based on meter, so make sure to have an early quote before setting off. There is some detail information at the airport of how to get taxi and the right price for the service and do not get surprise with the prices.

Also put in your mind that if you arrive at tourist season, the taxi will be fully booked by many people and you will need to wait for usually an hour straight to get your own taxi. Therefore using the car hire Gran Canaria Airport as well as Gran Canaria Airport transfer service will suit you much even better; you will be taken right to your accommodation hotel or other destination point. Thus enables you to save more time and energy to start the trip.

Information about Passenger Service

By the time you reach Gran Canaria, there are perhaps other additional services that you may need to have start from banking to currency exchange. Other available information are the VIP lounge-meeting rooms, tourist information service, luggage facility, lost and left luggage, and also post office service from the airport.

Assistance for Passenger with Reduced Mobility

Gran Canaria Airport provides a guideline set to assist and help the passengers with special needs as well as mobility issues, to organize a better solution.

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